25 Silhouettes of Bartlett Family (1823-1840) - The Walters Art Museum


The London Art History Society is managed through a Main Committee which meets four times a year in February, May, September and December. The activities of the Society are planned and managed through lead Coordinators working with their own Groups covering Communications, Courses, Study Events, Review, and  Donations.

  • Chairman  – Jeanette McCauley
  • Deputy Chairman – Vacant
  • Secretary  -Geoff Shepherd
  • Treasurer  – John Dunlop
  • Membership Secretary  – Ethan Chapman-Ames, Robert Chapman-Ames
  • Lecture Programme Organisers – Gillian Robinson and Jeanette McCauley
  • Courses Coordinator – Peter Bryden
  • Study Events Coordinators – Maggie Stockton and Norah Moss
  • Donations Administrator – Robert Gwynne
  • Review Editor – Barrie MacDonald
  • Communications Coordinator – Rae Richardson
  • Webmaster – John Dunlop
  • Other Committee members – Vicky O’Keeffe

Other people, who are not on the Committee, volunteer to assist the Society in numerous ways including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Study Event Organiser – Sue Anstruther
  • Birkbeck Liaison – John Peacock
  • Review Deputy Editor – John Peacock
  • Review Secretary – Rosemary Clarke
  • Review Members – Margaret Kirby and John Owens
  • Exhibitions listings – Eva Bigalke