Edmund Blair Leighton - Accolade (1901)


We are a not-for-profit organisation with low overheads, and surpluses from our activities have been donated to selected London art institutions for specific projects. The London Art History Society may offer to help in small scale projects where our donation will make a material difference. We apply a set of criteria for the purpose of selecting recipients of donations. Our most recent donations (2018) were as follows:

  • Birkbeck Department of History of Art Research Fund – £3,500
  • The Warburg Institute – £3,000


Our past donations, by year:


  • Birkbeck Department of History of Art Research Fund – £2,000
  • Sir John Soane Education Department – £2,000


  • Birkbeck Department for History of Art Research Fund – £5,000
  • Sir John Soane Education Department – £3,000
  • The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Fund to help preserve traditional skills – £3,000
  • The Levantine Foundation to preserve ancient manuscripts in Egypt – £3,000
  • Tate Britain to preserve a painting of Vita Sackville-West – £3,000
  • Querini Stampalia to support the foundation in Venice – £ 250


  • £2,000 was given to the Sir John Soane Museum, and was used to fund two new projects at the museum
  • £1,500 was given to The Craft Potters Association, an organisation representing studio potters and ceramic artists. It was given to the “Adopt a Potter – helping the next generation” fund


  • £2,750 was given to The Geffrye Museum of the Home (more information)
  • £3,000 was given to The De Morgan Centre (more information)
  • £2,750 was given to The Fan Museum at Greenwich; the museum had received legacies of a great many fans in need of repair, and was able to embark on the repair and conservation of a number of them.

We also sponsored student places at the following academic conferences:

  • Meg Bernstein, a Ph.D student from the University of California at Los Angeles, and Miles Kerr-Petersen, a second year Ph.D student at Aberdeen University, attended a conference held by The British Archaeological Association .
  • Anne Stutchbury, a PhD candidate at the University of Sussex, attended a conference held by The Society of Architectural Historians.
  • Scholarships were awarded for attendees of The Antiquarian Book Conference.

We received emails from the recipients of student places thanking us, and saying how useful the conferences had been for them.


  • £1,500 was given to the Sir John Soane Museum in 2013 to help with work on Soane’s Model Room, followed by further donations in 2014 for related educational and exhibition projects (more information)
  • £600 was given to the Southwark Art Collection at The Cuming Museum to conserve and mount a woodcut by Albrecht Dürer (more information)
  • £1,500 was given to Turner’s House in Twickenham to restore, conserve and display six of the artist’s prints (more information)
  • a donation was made to The College of Arms, to conserve 1822-3 plans by the Regency architect John Nash for a new (but unbuilt) College of Arms (more information)


  • A donation was made to help the Dulwich Gallery frame a painting of The Infant Christ Asleep so that it could be included in the gallery’s 2013 exhibition on Murillo
  • £2,500 was given to The Royal Asiatic Society to conserve and display eight engravings and watercolours (more information)
  • A donation was made to the Victoria & Albert Museum to enable the curators to make special storage boxes for the fragile items in the Architectural Drawings collection
  • A donation was made to the Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi to help them to scan and make accessible a collection of photographic plates by J. W. Knowles – a 19th century photographer and glass maker of York
  • A donation was made towards a project at the Sir John Soane Museum to encourage local schoolchildren to look at the origins of the Olympic Games and make their own images based on the Cawdor Vase, a volute krater in the Museum.
  • In recognition of how much we owe to Birkbeck, a donation was made to help postgraduate students complete their studies with help in printing, copyright and conference costs.


  • A donation was made to the Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland, to replace IT equipment used to maintain an evolving electronic archive of stonework. (The inaugural lecture was given by John McNeill on 3rd May 2011.)
  • A donation was made to the Courtauld collection for the restoration of a c.1500 Bruges School diptych of the Madonna and Child
  • A donation was made to the British Library for conservation of Paul Sandby’s The Virtuosi’s Museum, Containing Select Views in England, Scotland, and Ireland (1778)