E-News Bulletin March 2021



April Lecture: A Fashion Much in Use: the vogue for print rooms in the late eighteenth century delivered by Kate Retford on Monday 12 April, 5-6pm.

New study event: Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud: Modern Figures, a two-day study event led by Ben Street on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 May 2021, 10am-12pm

There are still places on the following online events:

The Art of Travel in the Middle Ages, a two-day study event led by Jessica Barker on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 March, 2-4pm

Representing the City: Victorian London, a five-week course led by Jo Rhymer starting in the summer term from 15 April-13 May, 2-4pm

Please check our website for further information on events and booking. Bookings close 48 hours before events.


Study Day: Like-Minded Souls: The De Morgans and Macintosh/Macdonald led by Anne Anderson on Thursday 1 July 2021. Booking will open at the end of April when we hope to be in a position to see if the event can be run live. If this is not possible it will be delivered online via Zoom.

Summer SeriesAnnunciation to Last Judgement: Themes and Variations in Christian Art, led by Clare Ford-Wille. Booking will open at the end of April as we are waiting to see if the series can be run live at the Friends’ House. If this is not possible the series will be delivered online via Zoom.

29 June – Introduction and the Annunciation
21 July – The Nativity and Adoration
9 August – The Life and Ministry of Christ
24 August – The Last Supper
6 September – The Crucifixion
24 September – The Last Judgement

If the Society makes a surplus at the end of its financial year (30 June) we make donations to small, art-related projects in Greater London. In the event that we produce a surplus this year the Committee invites you to submit for consideration any scheme you feel is worthy of our support. It is important that you do not discuss your nomination with the organisation concerned until it has been accepted by the Committee. You can find examples of past donations on our Donations website page. And to help you decide if your submission is appropriate you will find guidelines and rules on our How We Make Donations page. If you have any suggestions or queries please send them to Robert Gwynne, our Donations Administrator at robertgwynne049@gmail.com


MURRAY RESEARCH SEMINAR, 16 March 2021, 4.50-6.30pm
Pictorial Invention in the Early Trecento: the case of the Vele in Assisi
John Renner re-examines the enigmatic allegorical paintings of the vaults at Assisi.
Open-enrolment Short Courses in the History of Art
The History of Art Department is offering an online programme of one-term short courses and study events open to all during the 2021 summer term. The programme covers many periods and aspects of art. Full details are available in the department’s brochure.


THE VICTORIAN SOCIETY, 2 March 2021, 7pm
A.W.N.Pugin and the Country House
Rosemary Hill, biographer of Pugin, discusses a little-known aspect of his career – his work on the estate of Alton Towers and Alton Castle over many years.

4 March 2021, 8-9pm
Open Courtauld Hour: Indecent exposure?
A panel of curators and lecturers will uncover the contradictory, complex and challengeable shame and stigma associated with some representations of nude females and not others.

10 March 2021, 5-6pm
Eagles, dragons, griffins and angels: Netherlandish brass lecterns in context
This paper considers brass lecterns, in their various guises, from various perspectives and argues that they constitute a significant, if overlooked, category of early Netherlandish art.

GRESHAM COLLEGE, 17 March 2021, 6-7pm
Royal Restoration: Estates of the Duke of Monmouth
Simon Thurley discusses recent research which has revealed that the Duke and Duchess were major patrons of architecture.

24/25 March 2021, 6-8pm
International Artists: Élizabeth Vigée Le Brun and Rosa Bonheur
To coincide with the annual celebration of the achievements of women Jo Rhymer explores the work of French artists Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun and Rosa Bonheur and provides insight into the experiences of eighteenth and nineteenth women artists in a male-dominated art world.

30/31 March 2021, 11am-1pm
The Passion of Christ in Art
Richard Stemp explores The Wallace Collection’s paintings and other artworks which portray the Easter story.

Frida Kahlo
A film exploring the life and work of the artist using letters written by her is now available to buy on dvd or download and stream.


Whilst museums and galleries in London have again had to close their doors, many institutions worldwide are offering online events and tours of their collections. You might like to take the opportunity to explore websites of museums that you would not normally be able to easily visit.



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E-News Bulletin March 2021