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Birkbeck Library

With effect April 2018, Birkbeck Library have agreed that all London Art History Society members can join the Library on a reference basis COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. This is wonderful news, and means that as a member you now have full access to one of the UK’s best and most extensive holdings of Art History books, periodicals and associated literature.

Please note that this “free” offer is on a reference-only basis — you must do your reading on the Library premises and you cannot withdraw books. You can enhance your Library membership to include borrowing rights on payment of an annual fee (currently £70). The Library is situated in the main Birkbeck building in Malet Street.

To activate your free membership of the Library you need to register and obtain a library card. Here is how to do it:

  1.  Obtain from the Secretary a letter of authorisation which will state your current period of membership of The London Art History Society.  The letter will be sent by email as a PDF attachment for you to download and print at home. If you do not have email or a printer, inform the Secretary and the letter will be sent by post to your address in our membership database.
  2. Download the Birkbeck Library Membership Form using the link below. Print and complete the form.
  3. Take the completed form to the Library with a small (passport-sized) photograph, your letter of authorisation, and some form of photo ID.

We would like to record our appreciation to the members of Birkbeck Library staff who have agreed to make this valuable facility available to all Society members.

Further information, contacts and forms

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