Theodora. San Vitale, Ravenna. Mosaic, 6AD, detail. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4 Int. Photographer: Petar Milosevic.

Online lectures

A World in Pieces: Medieval Wall Mosaics

  • Monday 11 March 2024
  • Lecturer: Professor Liz James

Wall mosaics were the most elaborate and probably most expensive form of wall decoration used in the medieval world. They survive in churches and mosques across the Mediterranean world from Spain, Italy and Greece in the west, to Syria and Israel in the east, taking in the Ukraine and Georgia to the north and Egypt to the south. What made mosaic so special as a medium? This lecture will look to explain something of the beauty and wonder of mosaics – as well as their cultural capital.

This online lecture will be recorded and available to ticketholders for two weeks after the event.



 Professor Liz James is Professor of Art History and Interim Dean of the School of Media, Arts and Humanities. She specialises in the art of the Byzantine Empire, with a current focus on mosaics. She is the author of Mosaics of the Medieval World (Cambridge UP, 2017) and she maintains a medieval mosaics website. She has an MA in Byzantine Studies and a doctorate in light and colour in Byzantine art from The Courtauld.

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