Berthe Morisot. At the Edge of the Forest (Edma and Jeanne), c.1872. Watercolour and graphite on paper. Creative Commons, CC0-1.0-UPDD.

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Berthe Morisot

  • Tuesday 25 April 2023
  • George Fox Suite, Friends House, 173-77 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ
  • Lecturer: Dr Jacqueline Cockburn

In the light of the exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery this study day will consider Berthe Morisot, her work, her relationship with the Impressionists, her pioneering approach, and enduring impact as a woman artist.

1. Berthe Morisot; domestication and daring
The artist, her life, her work, and her pioneering spirit will be explored in this lecture.

2. ‘The most Impressionist of us all’ Berthe Morisot
Renoir’s touching homage to Morisot places her amongst other male artists such as Monet, Degas, and other Impressionists. We will compare the spaces artists worked in and their differing subject matter.

3. Women artists of the Avant Garde
As trailblazer, Morisot paved the way for a new wave of women artists such as Marie Laurencin and Suzanne Valadon, this lecture will consider their lives and work.

4. Edma Morisot and eclipsed women artists of the nineteenth and twentieth century
Morisot’s talented sister Edma had to abandon her painting. She, like many women artists, struggled to forge careers, held back by family, jealousy, and dealers. This lecture will take us well into the twentieth century to explore women artists’ erasure from of the history of art.


Dr Jacqueline Cockburn is a course director and lecturer at the V&A and also lectures at The Royal Academy, the Art Fund, Artscapades, the London Art History Society, The Arts Society and a number of private institutions. Jacqueline is Managing Director of Art and Culture Andalucía. She has recently published A Taste of Art, London (Unicorn Press, 2019).

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