Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Seated Woman (Dodo), 1907. Oil on canvas, 112 x 114.5 cm. Neue Pinakothek, Munich.

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Body and Soul: German Expressionism explained

  • Tuesday 4 August 2020
  • Lecturer: Dr Niccola Shearman

Addressing the vibrant overthrow of tradition from the turn of the new century to the outbreak of the First World War, this lecture explores the core features of German Expressionism in art and ideas. For Wassily Kandinsky and fellow artists in Munich, colour and form held the key to the very ‘vibrations of the soul’. Meanwhile, a band of youthful rebels in Dresden were intent on exercising new physical freedoms, in art as in life.


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Dr Niccola Shearman is a lecturer in twentieth-century German and Austrian art. She has held posts at the University of Manchester and The Courtauld, where she completed a PhD on the modernist woodcut in Germany and where she contributes regularly to public courses and study tours. Academic articles reflect research interests in print histories and the psychology of vision, and she also publishes regular book reviews and translations.

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