Maurice de Vlaminck. Houses at Chatou,1905. Art Institute of Chicago.

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  • Begins: Tuesday 1 December 2020
    Until: Tuesday 15 December 2020
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  • Lecturer: Dr Jacqueline Cockburn

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The period in art between 1900-1914 is perhaps one of the most exciting and innovative of all time. Developments in science and technology led to a reassessment of art. When Matisse went to stay with Signac in St Tropez in 1904, he knew the course of his own art would change. This study event begins with an assessment of the influence of Seurat and Signac on the work of a group of artists, called The Fauves, which included Braque, Derain, Vlaminck, Dufy and others in the short period of 1905-7. Bearing in mind the science of colour, we will chart the gradual changes to colour, light and brushstrokes during this short-lived but important period, considering the reactions of the critics and the relationships between the artists themselves. Some consideration of Cézanne will help us to determine why artists moved away from their earlier preoccupations. In 1908 Matisse wrote “Notes of a Painter”, which we will explore for its insights into his work. The study event will end with a consideration of how Matisse went well beyond Fauvism to create some of his most stunning works in the period up to the First World War.

Week 1                     Joining Up the Dots: Seurat and Signac
Week 2                     Intoxicated with Colour: the wild beasts
Week 3                     Matisse: a man of many colours


Dr Jacqueline Cockburn is a course director and lecturer at the V&A and also lectures at The Royal Academy, the Art Fund, Artscapades, the London Art History Society, The Arts Society and a number of private institutions. Jacqueline is Managing Director of Art and Culture Andalucía. She has recently published A Taste of Art, London (Unicorn Press, 2019).

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