Cogwheels. Photograph, Pixabay

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Industrial Gothic: Cogwheels, Drawing Prostheses and the Gothic Revival

  • Tuesday 19 April 2022
    (5-6pm --- NB: Booking closes 48 hours before the event)
  • Lecturer: Professor Mark Crinson

Central to any theory of machinery, the cogwheel was a subject of vital importance to industrialists and, it turns out, of great interest to the founders of architectural history in Britain, William Willis and William Whewell. How did an industrial ‘period eye’ shape both the study of medieval architecture and the understanding of the Gothic Revival?


 Professor Mark Crinson  joined Birkbeck’s History of Art Department in 2016 after twenty-three years at the University of Manchester. From 2016 to 2020 he was Vice President and then President of the European Architectural History Network. Since 2017 he has been Director of the Architecture, Space and Society Centre at Birkbeck.

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