V.M. Vasnetsov. Three Bogatyrs, 1898. Tretyakov Museum, Moscow. Creative Commons, CC-PD Mark. Image: Pimbrils.

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Russian Art: from the Wanderers to the birth of the avant-garde

  • Thursday 18 May 2023
  • Lettsom House, First Floor, 11 Chandos Street, London W1G 9EB (NB: There is no lift in this building)
  • Lecturer: Dr Natalia Murray

Lecture 1: The Wanderers and the Break from the Academic Tradition in Russian art                  
The Society of Traveling Exhibitions of the Works of Russian Artists, also known as Peredvizhniki (Wanderers), defined the character of the period, often referred to as the Russian Renaissance, which laid strong foundations for the later famous avant-garde movement.

Lecture 2: The resurrection of traditional Russian art and Russian refractions of Art Nouveau
This lecture will examine the resurrection of traditional folk art by the artists from the Abramtsevo circle. We will also look at so-called Russian Moderne, its similarities and differences compared with European Art Nouveau.

Lecture 3: Modern French Art in Moscow and the Russian Avant-Garde
1910 was the year when the term avant-garde was used for the first time in Russia. Avant-garde artists had absorbed the works by French artists brought to Russia by the merchants and collectors Ivan Morozov and Sergei Shchukin.

Lecture 4: Marc Chagall and Russian Avant-Garde Artists in Paris, 1896-1917
This lecture will look at Russian artists who lived and worked in Paris. We will look at the work of Marc Chagall and others who worked in the famous La Ruche or studied at the Académie Julian or Marie Vassilieff Russian Art Academy in Paris.


Dr Natalia Murray graduated from the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg before taking the PhD course at the Hermitage. Over the past eight years she has been lecturing on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian Art at The Courtauld and at the University of Sussex. She curated Revolution. Russian Art. 1917-1932 at the RA and lead a Society study day, Art at the time of the Revolution, to link with the exhibition. Natalia is also a trustee of the Russian Avant-Garde Research Project.

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