Bedford Master - Sobieski Book of Hours (1420 - 1425) - Royal Collection


The Sobieski Hours

  • Monday 9 October 2017
  • The Art Workers' Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT
  • Lecturer: Jenny Stratford

Jenny Stratford, currently teaching palaeography and manuscript studies at the University of London, discusses the rare Gothic manuscript ‘Book of Hours’, originally illuminated in Paris around 1430, and currently held by the Royal Collection.


Jenny Stratford began her career as an Assistant Keeper in the Department of Manuscripts, The British Museum (now The British Library). Her research and publications have focused on two main areas: medieval and modern manuscripts, and on princely collections of the later middle ages in England and France. She is especially concerned to explore the political, economic and cultural implications of royal and princely inventories and to use visual evidence in interpreting them. She currently teaches palaeography and manuscript studies to MA and PhD students of the university. Besides catalogues of manuscripts in the British Library, and in the Royal Library, Windsor Castle, and many articles on manuscript subjects published in England and in France, she has contributed chapters to The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain (1999), and to The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland (2006). Among her other books is The Bedford Inventories: the Worldly Goods of John, Duke of Bedford, Regent of France (1389–1435) (London, 1993). Her book, Richard II and the English Royal Treasure, was published in 2012).

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