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Our courses are designed to give members a chance to explore a wide range of new or familiar topics in the fields of art and architecture, at a level to suit their own expertise. Online courses consist of five weekly two-hour sessions, and are led by an acknowledged authority in the subject. Online courses will be recorded (subject to lecturer permission) and available to ticketholders for one week after the event.

Courses are open to Society members only. Current fees are £99 for a five-week online course; it is not possible to pay for part of a course.


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A Golden Age of British Portraiture? The eighteenth century

  • Tue 20 February - Tue 19 March 2024
  • Lecturer: Dr Prasannajit de Silva

This course will explore British portraiture across the eighteenth century, during which it remained the most persistently popular genre of art.  But why and how did it thrive?  And what forms did it take?

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The first century of printmaking in fifteenth-century Europe

  • Wed 24 April - Wed 22 May 2024
  • Lecturer: Dr Ursula Weekes

The invention of printmaking played a vital role in expanding the nature and scope of knowledge as the Medieval era gave way to the Early Modern Period. Prints and printing were crucial in changing people’s ideas of themselves, of the world around them, of God and the universe. This course takes a deep dive into the impact of this media revolution in artistic, social, religious and economic contexts.

Courses Coordinator

Peter Bryden



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