Last Word

Terry Bingham-Daly who died on 15th May 2021, aged 89, was a founding member of ULEMHAS, now the London Art History Society, but more importantly was fundamental to the setting up of the first Committee, offering to act as the first Honorary Secretary. She undertook her role with great ability, humour and willingness and, indeed, was well qualified to do so as she ran an early innovative computer business with her husband, Peter. In the words of Daphne Taylor, another early member: ‘Terry arranged to set up a computer-based list of the members regarding membership payment, rather than having to spend hours writing by hand. I know it took her many hours.’ Terry continued to act as Secretary for many years during the 1980’s onwards and studied for the Diploma in Art History. Her daughter, Caroline, recalls that Terry’s connections with her work for the lecture courses and study tours with ULEMHAS/London Art History Society were ‘the happiest time of her life’. Throughout the many years since 1980 she continued to attend Society events and lectures until increasing frailty made it difficult to make the journey from Pinner. It is thanks to people like Terry, who gave their time freely, that we are now a growing and continuing Society. Clare Ford-Wille

Elizabeth Lowry-Corry died in April 2021, just ten days short of her hundredth birthday. Her death was quick and peaceful. She led a full and varied life; she worked in Intelligence in WWII, spent two years in America, worked for ASLIB, and later in life took up painting and studying history of art. She was an enthusiastic member of ULEMHAS/London Art History Society, attending meetings regularly, and enjoying many group travel tours. She served on the Committee for many years and was a valuable member of the Review Editorial Panel, commissioning several articles. Elegant, unfailingly polite and with a great sense of humour, she is greatly missed by all who knew her.  Liz Newlands