Ivan Koulikov - Painting of Russian writer Evgeny Chirikov (1904) - Gemäldegalerie der Stadt Murom

The London Art History Society Review

The London Art History Society Review (formerly ULEMHAS Review) is an academic journal providing articles by leading scholars, art historians, gallery curators, lecturers and writers on art history, including painting and the graphic arts, sculpture, architecture, photography, and the decorative arts.

The Review is published annually in the late summer, and print copies are distributed free to members. Editions from 2003 to the current issue can be read online (as Adobe PDF files, listed below). The Review is also held by the British Library, through whom access to back copies may be obtained.

Current issue

2023 Review

  • Sir Joshua Reynolds: elevating art
    Kate Retford
  • The Normans in southern Italy
    John McNeill
  • Matteo Civitali and the south transept of Lucca Cathedral: a closer look
    Geoffrey Nuttall
  • Media revolution: printmaking in the fifteenth century
    Ursula Weekes
  • Gwen John: artist as saint
    Lisa Thefaut

2022 Review

  • Carel Fabritius 1622-1654. The painter of The Goldfinch
    Clare Ford-Wille
  • Leon Battista Alberti 1404-1472
    Andrew Spira
  • Still keeping us in the dark? The art of Walter Sickert
    Nicola Moorby
  • From the House of Illustration to the Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration
    Lindsey Glen
  • Francis Frith: a Victorian photographer in Egypt and Palestine
    Simon Constantine
  • Treasured trimmings: ephemeral ribbons and the curation of sartorial likeness in feminine portraiture, 1750-1790
    Julia Eberhardt

2021 Review

  • Paula Rego
    Anna Moszynska
  • Neo-Brutalism
    Mark Crinson
  • Antoine Watteau: reconsidering his art after three hundred years
    Yuriko Jackall
  • The master carver’s masterpiece: revisiting Grinling Gibbons’ ‘most superb monument’
    Andrew Loukes
  • Implausible beings and the sleep of reason: the grotesqueness of the grotesque
    Andrew Taylor
  • Paul Strand’s portrait of an Italian village
    Tim Satterthwaite
  • The female gaze on empire: missionary photography and political agency
    Sasha Morse

2020 Review

  • Raphael’s Saint Catherine
    Mattias Wivel
  • Possessing the past: who should own antiquities
    Dominic Selwood
  • A masculine and daring spirit: Angelica Kauffman
    Kate Retford
  • The formation of a sculptor: the early work of Henry Moore
    Hannah Higham
  • John Tenniel (1820-1914)
    Barrie MacDonald
  • The woodblocks of Tenniel’s illustrations for Alice 
    Michael Wace
  • Ernst Barlach, sculpture and the ‘terrible year’ 1937
    Deborah Lewer
  • Andover: an expanded town
    Adam Coleman
  • Polaroids and participation: Carlo Leppe’s Cita a Ciegas 
    Christie Johnson

2019 Review

  • Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings for the Battle of Anghiari
    Francis Ames-Lewis
  • The Bauhaus legacy
    Andrew Spira
  • Natalia Goncharova and women artists of the Russian avant-garde before the First World War
    Natalia Murray
  • Enshrining the miraculous image in Renaissance Umbria
    Dorigen Caldwell
  • Harry Clarke: stained-glass artist and illustrator
    Jessica O’Donnell
  • Looking for Giotto
    John Renner
  • A feast for the eyes: Richard Newton’s A Paper Meal with Spanish Sauce
    Nicholas Babbington
  • London Art History Society: Programme 2019-2020

Earlier issues

2018 Review

  • The Reconquest of Spain and the dawn of the Golden Age
    Jacqueline Cockburn
  • Lorenzo Lotto and his portraits
    Clare Ford-Wille
  • Sir James Thornhill’s Painted Hall in Greenwich revealed
    Anna Mason
  • Boris Anrep’s London mosaics
    Jane Williams
  • Piano nobile: the architecture of Renzo Piano
    Chris Rogers
  • ‘Opening up Art History’: fifty years of the Department of History of Art at Birkeck
    1. Origins and early development, 1967-2005

    Francis Ames-Lewis
    2. Continuity, upheaval, and new directions since 2005
    Leslie Topp
  • Broadening the art historical narrative: Okwui Enwezor at the Haus der Kunst in Munich
    Sunil Shah
  • London Art History Society: Programme 2018-19

2017 Review

  • Celebrating the art of Murillo for 400 years
    Xanthe Brooke
  • Back out there? Contemporary public sculpture in London
    Chris Rogers
  • Martin Luther, the Reformation and art for Protestants
    Joachim Strupp
  • Cassiano dal Pozzo and the ‘Paper Museum’
    Christopher Moock
  • Art and the Russian Revolution
    Andrew Spira
  • The London Art History Society Prize for Best Modern Period Masters Dissertation at Birkbeck
    Kate Retford
  • Dark tourists at Bedlam: madness and spectacle in eighteenth-century London
    Anna Jamieson
  • ‘Life itself’: Victoria and Albert as living statues
    Wil Roberts
  • London Art History Society: Programme 2017-2018

2016 Review

  • ‘Very old, but still the best in painting’: celebrating the Art of Giovanni Bellini
    Caroline Campbell
  • Shakespeare in Art
    Robin Simon
  • Buried treasure exposed: the riches of S. Maria Antiqua in the Roman Forum
    Eileen Rubery
  • Paul Nash: was he a surrealist?
    David Boyd Haycock
  • Conservation at the National Gallery and the Second World War
    Morwenna Blewett
  • Georgia O’Keeffe (not in the online version)
    Tanya Barson

London Art History Society Programme 2016-2017


2015 Review

  • Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern World
    Sarah Turner
  • England and Gardens of the East
    Paula Henderson
  • Emerging from the Shadows: Goya’s Self-Portraits
    Jacqueline Cockburn
  • The New Courtauld Drawings Gallery
    Deborah Swallow, Stephen Witherford, Ernst Vegelin van Claebergen & Stephanie Buck
  • Julia Margaret Cameron, 1815-1879
    Patrizia Di Bello
  • Hail and Farewell
    Jacqueline Leigh

London Art History Society Programme 2015-2016


2014 Review

  • Rembrandt: The Late Works
    Clare Ford-Wille
  • The Art Fund
    William Vaughan
  • Kenneth Clark: Looking for Civilisation
    Jonathan Conlin
  • Is the Future Cast?
    Polly Bielecka
  • Testimony of War: Artists in the Great War
    David Boyd Haycock
  • New Architecture for the Arts in London
    Susan Richards

ULEMHAS Programme 2014-2015


2013 Review

  • Facing the Modern: The Portrait in Vienna 1900
    Michelle Gonsalves
  • Landscapes of London: The City, the Country and the Suburbs 1660-1840
    Elizabeth McKellar
  • Imperial Relics and the Architecture of Display in Late Medieval Europe
    Zoë Opačić
  • The White Cube from Inside Out
    Graham Steele
  • The Wedgwood Museum – going to Pot?
    Bruce Tattersall

Book List

  • In Search of Rex Whistler: His Life and his Work by Hugh and Mirabel Cecil
    Liz Newlands
  • The Book of Kells by Bernard Meehan
    Veronica Cutler
  • The Books that Shaped Art History edited by Richard Shone and John-Paul Stonard
    Patricia Braun
  • Portrayal and the Search for Identity by Marcia Pointon
    Patricia Braun
  • A is a Critic: Writings from The Spectator by Andrew Lambirth
    Liz Newlands
  • John Nash: Architect of the Picturesque by Geoffrey Tyack
    Rosemary Clarke
  • Egypt in England by Chris Elliott
    Rosemary Clarke
  • Carscapes: The Motor Car, Architecture and Landscape in England by Kathryn A. Morrison and John Minnis
    Rosemary Clarke

ULEMHAS Programme 2013-2014


2012 Review

  • Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present
    Hope Kingsley and Christopher Riopelle
  • The Works of Mercy in Italian Medieval Art c.1050-c.1400
    Federico Botana
  • The Ingenious John Carter
    Terry Friedman
  • Modern Art and Christian Faith
    Richard Harries
  • The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art
    Roberta Cremoncini

Book List

  • In Search of a Masterpiece by Christopher Lloyd
    Patricia Braun
  • Just My Type: A Book About Fonts by Simon Garfield
    Liz Newlands
  • Nikolaus Pevsner: The Life by Susie Harries
    Jacqueline Leigh
  • Rossetti: Painter and Poet by J.B. Bullen
    Jacqueline Leigh
  • Series: Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
    Rosemary Clarke
  • City of Gold and Mud: Painting Victorian London by Nancy Rose Marshall
  • Inigo Jones: The Architect of Kings by Vaughan Hart
  • The London Square: Gardens in the Midst of Town by Todd Longstaffe-Gowan
  • Vauxhall Gardens: A History by Alan Borg and David Coke
  • The Eighteenth-century Church in Britain by Terry Friedman

ULEMHAS Programme 2012-2013


2011 Review

  • Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan
    Luke Syson and Per Rumberg
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti: The Anatomy of Desire
    J.B. Bullen
  • Slaves to Fashion: Jan Gossaert and Renaissance Art
    Richard Williams
  • Changes at the Courtauld Gallery 
    Caroline Campbell
  • The Chapel of the Holy Cross at Vézelay
    Alexandra Gajewski

Book List

  • The Primacy of Drawing by Deanna Petherbridge
    Elizabeth Lowry-Corry
  • Art: The Whole Story, edited by Stephen Farthing
    Elizabeth Lowry-Corry
  • Romantic Moderns by Alexandra Harris
    Rosemary Clarke
  • Lost Victorian Britain by Gavin Stamp
    Rosemary Clarke
  • The Temple Church in London, edited by Robin Griffith-Jones and David Park
    Anne Scott
  • Mirror of the World by Julian Bell
    Elizabeth Lowry-Corry
  • Destination Art by Amy Dempsey
    Rosemary Clarke
  • The Art of Anglo-Saxon England by Catherine E. Karkov
    Rosemary Clarke
  • Marking the Hours by Eamon Duffy
    Jacqueline Leigh
  • Caravaggio by Andrew Graham-Dixon
    Robin Rhind
  • The Hare with Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal
    Jacqueline Leigh

ULEMHAS Programme 2011-2012


2010 Review

  • Gauguin: Maker of Myth
    Belinda Thomson and Christine Riding
  • ‘A Hand Obedient to the Mind’: Michelangelo’s Writings on Sculpture
    Ann Halliday
  • The Flemish Invention of Landscape
    Clare Ford-Wille
  • Picasso in 1932: Uncanny Eroticism?
    Neil Cox
  • John McNeill: An Appreciation
    Jacqueline Leigh
  • Far Afield and Not So Far at the Royal Academy
    Elizabeth Lowry-Corry

Book Reviews

  • John Piper, Myfanwy Piper by Frances Spalding
    Susan Richards
  • Merchants, Princes and Painters by Lisa Monnas
    Elizabeth Lowry-Corry



2009 Review

  • The Sacred Made Real 
    Susan Wilson
  • The Lord of the Manor’s Psalter and the Poor Man’s Bible 
    Michelle P. Brown
  • Thomas Hudson and the Foundling Hospital 
    Jim Gledhill
  • Herculaneum: The Last 300 Years and the Future 
    Christina Grande
  • The Rembrandt Research Project: An Assessment 
    Adrian Esdaile

Book Reviews

  • If the Paintings Could Talk by Michael Wilson 
    Ann Halliday
  • Cave Art by Jean Clottes 
    Jacqueline Leigh

2008 Review

  • Renaissance Faces
    Elena Greer
  • The Embellishment of the Crystal Palace
    Mike Davies
  • A Little-known Drawing from the Workshop of Vittore Carpaccio
    Caroline Brooke
  • Henry Tonks: Artist and Surgeon
    Mike Smith
  • Paint and its use in the Restoration of Buildings
    Catherine Hassall

Book Reviews

  • Mirror of the World by Julian Bell 
    Elizabeth Lowry-Corry
  • Edvard Munch by Sue Prideaux 
    Susan Richards

2007 Review

  • Renaissance Siena: Art for a City 
    Simona Di Nepi
  • Sir John Soane’s Museum: ‘The Union of Architecture, Sculpture and Painting’ 
    Helen Dorey
  • Angst and Plaster: Aspects of Post World War II British Sculpture 
    Mike Smith
  • Lord Capel’s Garden 
    Celia Fisher
  • Strawberry Hill: its Past and its Future 
    Michael Snodin

Book Reviews

  • Architecture and Society in Normandy 1120-1270 by Lindy Grant 
    Anne Scott
  • Sir Ninian Comper by Anthony Symondson and Stephen Bucknell 
    Claire Andrews

2006 Review

  • Holbein in England
    Tim Batchelor
  • Why Medieval Old Sarum?
    John McNeill
  • The Goldsmith’s Art in Renaissance Italy
    Donal Cooper
  • The Illuminator: Master in Miniature?
    Valerie Nunn
  • Velázquez
    Simona Di Nepi

Book Reviews

  • The Mirror of the Gods by Malcolm Bull
    Ann Halliday
  • The Vexations of Art Velázquez and Others, by Svetlana Alpers
    Elizabeth Lowry-Corry

2005 Review

  • Samuel Palmer (1805-1881) Vision and Landscape Exhibition 
    William Vaughan
  • Turner as Pupil and Teacher 
    Andrew Wilton
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s Portrait of Isabella d’Este 
    Francis Ames-Lewis
  • Some Collectors and their Collections at Glynde Place 
    Cara Bird & Elizabeth Lowry-Corry
  • How Reading History of Art can Change Your Life 
    Claire Gapper

Book Reviews

  • The Medieval Stained Glass of Wells Cathedral, by Tim Ayers 
    Anna Eavis
  • Hawkwood by Frances Stonor Saunders 
    Liz Newlands

2004 Review

  • Raphael: From Urbino to Rome 
    Carol Plazzotta
  • Limoges Painted Enamels 
    Erika Speel
  • Friends of Turner’s House
  • Rewriting His Story: Feminist Art Practices Since the 1970s 
    Catherine Mason
  • Hogarth and Garrick: The Artist, The Actor and The ‘Imitation of Nature’ 
    Catherine Parry-Wingfleld
  • The Future of History of Art and Architecture at FCE 
    Elizabeth McKellar

Book Reviews

  • Westminster Abbey The Lady Chapel of Henry VII edited by Tim Tatton-Brown & Richard Mortimer 
    Anne Scott
  • Cellini: Artist, Genius, Fugitive by Derek Parker 
    Ann Halliday

2003 Review

  • Preview of the Late Gothic Exhibition 
    Eleanor Townsend
  • The Battle for Culture: Tradition & Modernism in Fascist Italy and Germany 
    Anna Leung
  • The Travels of Correggio’s School of Love 
    Norman Coady
  • Commissioned Visions 
    Roger Tolson
  • Platonic Geometry and the Cathedral of Bourges 
    Anne Scott
  • Recollected in Tranquillity: the founding of ULEMHAS
    Claire Andrews

Book Reviews

  • Hand, Head and Heart by Hazel Morris
    Claire Andrews
  • Medieval Architecture by Nicola Coldstream
    Elizabeth Lowry-Corry
  • The East Cloister Walk of Saint-Aubin at Angers by John McNeill 
    Anne Scott

In this issue Claire Andrews describes the founding of the University of London Extra-Mural History of Art Society — ULEMHAS (you can also read her words here). A decade later, when another funding crisis caused the abolition of the Extra-Mural Department, Birkbeck College took over its Diploma programme, which now flourishes as part of the Faculty of Continuing Education.


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